You can find healthier meal options on the menus of all award-winning restaurants, pubs and cafes for you and your family.

You will have more control over what you choose to eat that will ultimately benefit your health.

How will businesses do this?

Businesses will help you to Eat Out and Eat Well by:

  • using healthier catering practices, such as grilling instead of frying
  • increasing fruit, vegetables, and starchy carbohydrates
  • decreasing levels of fat (especially saturated fat), sugar and salt in food
  • providing healthy options for children.

How you can nominate a restaurant, pub or café for an award

Have you recently eaten at a restaurant, pub or café that has offered a choice of healthy meals in addition to a normal menu? Were you impressed by the quality and range of the healthy options?

If so, you may like to nominate the catering business for an Eat Out Eat Well Award. The Eat Out Eat Well Award rewards catering businesses that provide a healthy alternative on their daily menus. If you would like to nominate a catering business please email your participating Local Council with the heading “Eat Out Eat Well nomination” and include the business name and address.