Eat Out Eat Well

Helping you make healthier choices

Eating out increasingly plays an important part in our lives – around a quarter of our calories are consumed out of the home in restaurants, cafes, pubs and fast food joints.

The Eat Out Eat Well scheme rewards restaurants, takeaways and other food businesses that make it easier for their customers to make healthy choices. All the members of the scheme are assessed by Surrey County Council Trading Standards Service in partnership with your local Environmental Health Service. They look at the way food is prepared, the ingredients used, whether there are healthy options for children, how staff are trained and how healthier choices are promoted to customers. Members can be awarded Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum depending on how well they meet the Eat Out Eat Well standards and it’s free to join.

Where can I eat out and eat well?

If you’d like to eat out and eat well just look out for this logo This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is eat-out-eat-well-logo.jpg award winners show it on their windows, signs, adverts and menus. You can also find a complete list of all the scheme members here Award Winners

Know somewhere that deserves an award?

Have you recently eaten at a restaurant, pub or café that has offered a choice of healthy meals in addition to a normal menu? Were you impressed by the quality and range of the healthy options?

If so, you may like to nominate the catering business for an Eat Out Eat Well Award. The Eat Out Eat Well Award rewards catering businesses that provide a healthy alternative on their daily menus. If you would like to nominate a catering business please email your participating Local Council with the heading “Eat Out Eat Well nomination” and include the business name and address.